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Tempered Serpentine Halo Glass Lamp

  1. Model of the lamp: Table Lamp
  2. Finish: Cobra design entirely in tempered glass with a neck
  3. Type of illumination: G4 halogen bulb with dimmer for light intensity adjustment
  4. Number of bulbs: One G4 halogen bulb
  5. Size: Base 22 cm, height 59 cm
  6. Product Description: Experience the blend of art and illumination with the "Serpentine Grace Glass Table Lamp." This striking lamp takes inspiration from the sinuous form of a cobra, crafted entirely from tempered glass that captures and reflects the light in a mesmerizing dance. Equipped with a G4 halogen bulb, the lamp's intensity can be adjusted with a built-in dimmer, allowing for a customizable ambiance that complements its sleek design. Measuring 59 cm in height with a 22 cm base, this lamp is a testament to modern design that combines form and function in a seamless harmony.