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Sleek Silver Glass Dual-Light Designer Table Lamp

  1. Lamp Model: Table Lamp
  2. Finish: Chromed with mirror elements, silver paint, and clear/etched glass.
  3. Type of Lighting: G9 halogen or LED
  4. Number of Bulbs: 2 G9 halogen or LED bulbs
  5. Size: Rectangular base measuring 8 cm x 17 cm, with a lamp height of 31 cm.
  6. Product Description: The "Rectangular Chrome Reflection Glass Elegance Lamp" combines the sleekness of chrome with the subtlety of etched and clear glass, producing a harmonious blend of materials. The dual-light setup uses G9 bulbs, versatile for both halogen and LED options, ensuring energy efficiency and longevity. With a compact and neat rectangular base, this lamp is a sophisticated piece that brings a touch of refined glamour to any desk or bedside table.