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Regal Rustic Golden Luminary

  1. Lamp Model: Floor-standing.
  2. Finish: Rustic Gold.
  3. Type of Lighting: E27 LED.
  4. Number of Bulbs: Two E27 LED bulbs.
  5. Size: The base stands at a height of 2.10 meters, extending to 2.40 meters with its graceful arms.
  6. Product Description: The 'Regal Rustic Golden Luminary' commands any outdoor space with its stately presence. Rising to a height of 2.10 meters and reaching 2.40 meters with its elegant arms, this floor lamp is finished in rustic gold that invokes the sophistication of bygone eras. Equipped with two E27 LED bulbs, it provides a warm and welcoming light. The clear glass encasing ensures a bright and clear luminosity, creating an ambiance reminiscent of the grand squares and parks of old European capitals.