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Monolith Dark Gray Beacon Tower

  1. Lamp Model: Floor-standing.
  2. Finish: Dark Gray, Metallic.
  3. Type of Lighting: E27 LED or incandescent.
  4. Number of Bulbs: One E27 bulb, either LED or incandescent.
  5. Size: The height of the lamp is 2.30 meters.
  6. Product Description: Step into a realm of sophisticated outdoor lighting with the 'Sleek Charcoal Enigma Post Lamp.' Towering at a majestic height of 2.30 meters, this lamp's metallic dark gray finish harmonizes with the modern and the classic. Enclosed in a crystal-clear glass, the E27 bulb—LED or traditional incandescent—casts a striking illumination, making it a pivotal architectural statement in any outdoor landscape.