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Modern Square Soft Light LED Ceiling Fixture 40-MT2366L/2C SSV

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  1. Model of the Lamp: Ceiling.
  2. Finish: Metallic border with a central diffuser that likely uses plastic or glass to create a soft, diffuse light effect.
  3. Type of Illumination: This lamp is suited for LED E27 bulbs which are widely used for their efficiency and longer lifespan.
  4. Number of Bulbs: It appears designed for one or two bulbs, depending on the internal configuration.
  5. Size: This lamp has a broad and flat appearance, suitable for uniform light distribution in medium to large rooms.
  6. Product Description: "Elegant Square LED Ceiling Fixture" – This lamp offers a blend of modern and classic with its sharp, clean lines and a simple, elegant frame. The broad diffuser softly disperses light across the room, making it perfect for settings that require both style and substantial illumination without harshness.