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Contemporary White Shade Pendant Lighting Fixture 40-MT2670-6

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    • Model of the Lamp: Pendant
    • Finish: Metallic. The pendant lamp showcases a metallic finish, enhancing its contemporary appeal with a minimalist touch.
    • Type of Illumination: Uses E27 LED bulbs. The pendant design is structured to support multiple LED bulbs, providing efficient, ambient lighting.
    • Number of Bulbs: Features several E27 LED bulb fittings, ensuring even light distribution in a focused area.
    • Size: Designed to be compact and functional, this pendant lamp fits well over dining tables or kitchen islands, providing adequate light without overwhelming the space.
    • Product Description: "Sleek Metallic Pendant with Modern White Shades" – This stylish pendant lamp combines a streamlined metallic framework with elegant white shades. It is perfect for contemporary interiors, offering a blend of functionality and modern design. Ideal for central lighting in dining areas or as a statement piece in entryways.