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Luxury Crystal LED Pendant Light for Stylish Interiors 40-MT2578/1P CH

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    • Model of the Lamp: Pendant
    • Finish: Crystal. This pendant light features a crystal finish, enhancing its elegance and allowing light to sparkle dramatically through its facets.
    • Type of Illumination: LED Bipin. Known for its energy efficiency, this lighting type complements the pendant’s design by providing clear, bright light.
    • Number of Bulbs: This lamp is equipped with a single LED Bipin bulb, centrally located to ensure optimal light distribution.
    • Size: Designed to be compact, this pendant is perfect for intimate spaces or for use in a series over a dining area or kitchen island.
    • Product Description: "Sophisticated Crystal LED Pendant Light" – Combining the modern efficiency of LED technology with the timeless elegance of crystal, this pendant light is perfect for contemporary interiors. Its sleek design and sparkling light output make it ideal for both residential and commercial settings.