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Luxurious Multi-Tiered Crystal Elegance Chandelier 60-TP9374-54

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  • Model of the Lamp: Chandelier
  • Finish: Crystal. This opulent chandelier showcases a lavish design made entirely of crystals, exuding a luxurious sparkle that complements any sophisticated decor.
  • Type of Illumination: LED or Incandescent (compatible with E27 bulbs). The chandelier supports numerous light bulbs housed within the crystal strands to enhance light reflection and dispersion.
  • Number of Bulbs: Features multiple bulb holders (likely E27), enhancing its luminosity and creating a dazzling interplay of light.
  • Size: Large in size, this chandelier is designed for grand spaces such as ballrooms, large dining areas, or entryways, making a significant impact with its dimensions and light display.
  • Product Description: "Majestic Crystal Waterfall Chandelier" – This chandelier transforms any room into a vibrant spectacle of light with its multi-tiered crystal design and elegant bulb arrangement. Perfect for adding a touch of grandeur to upscale venues or luxurious living spaces, it radiates with timeless elegance.