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Golden Rustic Iron Dual Sconce

  1. Model of the Lamp: Sconce
  2. Finish: The sconce features a rustic golden finish on wrought iron, adding a vintage charm to the design.
  3. Type of Illumination: The lamp uses E27 bulbs which can be either LED or incandescent, offering flexibility in light intensity and energy efficiency.
  4. Number of Bulbs: The lamp is equipped with two E27 bulbs, providing adequate illumination while maintaining a classic look.
  5. Size: The sconce has a length of 52 cm and a base measuring 8 cm each side, designed to complement both spacious and intimate settings.
  6. Product Description: This elegantly crafted wall sconce, with its conical shades and rustic golden hue, evokes a timeless elegance. The forged iron base and delicate ceramic details enrich its visual appeal, making it a striking addition to any interior space.