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Golden Aura Classic Wall Lantern

  1. Lamp Model: Lantern.
  2. Finish: Gold.
  3. Type of Lighting: E27 LED or incandescent.
  4. Number of Bulbs: One E27 bulb, either LED or incandescent.
  5. Size: The base dimensions are 12 cm by 20 cm.
  6. Product Description: Introducing the 'Vintage Gold Elegance Lantern', a beautifully crafted wall-mounted lantern that brings a touch of classic opulence to outdoor spaces. Its rich golden finish and intricate design details create an aura of antique charm, while the clear glass encasement allows for optimal light dispersion from its E27 bulb—suitable for both LED and incandescent options. This lantern is perfect for those seeking to add a luxurious, historical touch to their exteriors.