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Elegant Chrome Ceiling Mount with Engraved Glass and LED Lights


1. Lamp Model: Ceiling Mount

2. Finish: Chrome

3. Type of Lighting: Integrated LED

4. Number of Bulbs: 6 lights with integrated LED

5. Size: Base diameter circumference 35 cm, drops approximately 25 cm

6. Product Description:

This modern ceiling mount fixture stands out for its elegant design and advanced functionality. The chrome base gives it a sophisticated and contemporary appearance, perfectly complemented by the engraved glass, adding a touch of distinction and style to any room.

The 6 integrated LED lights provide bright and uniform illumination, ideal for lighting up large spaces with energy efficiency. LEDs are known not only for their low energy consumption but also for their long lifespan, meaning fewer bulb replacements and minimal maintenance.

The design of the ceiling mount ensures balanced light distribution, eliminating shadows and creating a cozy, well-lit environment. The 35 cm circumference of the base ensures that the fixture is compact enough to fit into various spaces, from living rooms to bedrooms or even offices.

The 25 cm drop from the ceiling gives it a significant visual presence without being intrusive, allowing it to become a focal point of the decor without dominating the space.