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Efficient LED Bipin Metallic Ceiling Light 40-MT2647-1C

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  • Model of the Lamp: Ceiling
  • Finish: Metallic. This lamp features a sleek metallic finish that frames the diffused light, adding a modern touch to its simple yet elegant design.
  • Type of Illumination: Compatible with LED Bipin bulbs. The lamp is equipped with multiple LED Bipin bulbs that provide uniform and efficient lighting.
  • Number of Bulbs: Contains several LED Bipin bulbs to ensure optimal illumination across a wide area.
  • Size: Designed to be compact yet effective, this lamp is ideal for smaller spaces or areas requiring discreet yet powerful lighting.
  • Product Description: "Compact Metallic LED Ceiling Light" – This plafon lamp combines functionality with style, featuring a metallic finish and LED Bipin bulbs for efficient lighting. Its sleek design makes it perfect for modern interiors, providing ample light without overpowering the space.