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Eclipse Chrome Black Elegance Chandelier"

  1. Lamp Model: Pendant
  2. Finish: Chrome and Glass with a Color Contrast
  3. Type of Lighting: E14 LED or Halogen
  4. Number of Bulbs: 18 bulbs (12+6 configuration)
  5. Size: Two-tier structure with a diameter of 1.23 meters and a drop length of up to 2 meters
  6. Product Description: Resplendent in its two-tiered glory, this pendant lamp commands attention with its intertwining chrome arms that cascade into a dance of light and dark. Glass shades in black with white interiors elegantly crown the gleaming E14 LED or halogen bulbs, creating an opulent play of illumination and shadow. This chandelier's generous diameter spans a majestic 1.23 meters, descending up to 2 meters, perfect for gracing high ceilings with its grandiose presence.