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Dubai Splendor Triple Glow Chrome Elegance Table Lamp

  1. Lamp Model: Table Lamp
  2. Finish: Chromed with mirror elements and silver paint.
  3. Type of Lighting: G9 LED or halogen
  4. Number of Bulbs: 3 G9 LED or halogen bulbs
  5. Size: Base diameter 18 cm, lamp height 63.5 cm.
  6. Product Description: The "Dubai Chrome Mirror Triple-Light Table Lamp" exudes contemporary charm with its trio of G9 light sources ensuring broad and avant-garde illumination. The chromed base, paired with a silver mirror finish, reflects both light and luxury, making it a design statement that won’t go unnoticed. Standing over half a meter tall with a slender, modern design, it is perfect for those corners crying out for a touch of sophistication.