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Chromed Crystal G9 Sconce

Lamp Model: Sconce
Finish: Chromed Crystal
Type of Lighting: LED G9 Bulb
Number of Bulbs: 1 G9 bulb detected
Size: Height 27cm, Width 22cm, Depth 15cm
Product Description: Introducing the "Chromed Crystal G9 Sconce," a dazzling addition to any contemporary space. This sconce-style lamp pairs a sleek, chromed finish with the pristine clarity of crystal, cut to perfection to enhance the luminosity of the light within. Suited for a singular G9 halogen or LED bulb, it not only offers a brilliant light output but also acts as a decorative piece. The lamp measures an elegant 27cm in height and 22cm in width, with a depth of 15cm, ensuring a substantial presence without overwhelming the room. An epitome of modern sophistication, the "Chromed Crystal G9 Sconce" transforms light into a spectacle, making it an attractive centerpiece for your ambient lighting needs.