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Chromed Crystal Elegance Sconce

  1. Lamp Model: This is a wall-mounted sconce (Aplique) designed for ambient illumination or accent lighting.
  2. Finish: The lamp features a highly reflective chrome finish, with a body constructed from metal and embellishments of premium crystal, creating a sparkling effect.
  3. Type of Illumination: The lamp is designed to accommodate a G9 halogen or LED bulb, suitable for creating a focused and bright lighting effect.
  4. Number of Bulbs: It is designed to house a single bulb of the G9 type.
  5. Size: The lamp's dimensions include a base measuring 12cm by 6cm. The overall shape and size details are not fully provided in the images.
  6. Product Description: Exuding contemporary elegance, this lamp is a statement piece that combines the timeless luster of chrome with the radiant clarity of crystal. Its compact and sleek design ensures it is a versatile choice for various settings. The intricate crystal arrangement not only enhances its decorative appeal but also allows for a unique dispersion of light, casting a warm and inviting glow.