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Elegant Golden Reading Floor Lamp

  1. Lamp Model: Floor lamp.
  2. Finish: Matte gold.
  3. Type of Lighting: GU10 LED or halogen.
  4. Number of Bulbs: The lamp features a short linear bulb and two reading arms with GU10 bulbs.
  5. Size: The lamp stands with a base height of 1.30 meters.
  6. Product Description: This floor lamp, with its matte gold finish, merges elegance with functionality. The design incorporates a short linear bulb and two reading arms, each outfitted with a GU10 bulb that can be LED or halogen, ensuring versatile lighting tailored to any reading nook or workspace. Standing at an imposing height of 1.30 meters, this lamp not only provides illumination but also graces its surroundings with its ornamental presence.