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Aureate Chrome Crystal Table Lamp

  1. Lamp Model: This is a table lamp, designed to be placed on flat surfaces for ambient or reading light.
  2. Finish: The lamp boasts a shiny metallic finish, with golden accents that suggest a touch of classic elegance. The material is a high-quality metal with chrome plating, complemented by crystal elements that provide a sparkling appearance.
  3. Type of Lighting: The lamp is designed to accommodate a GU10 halogen or LED bulb, suitable for focused and directional lighting.
  4. Number of Bulbs: The lamp is designed for a single bulb, which is of the GU10 type as mentioned.
  5. Size: The lamp's dimensions include an approximate height of 35 centimeters and a base diameter of 13 centimeters.
  6. Product Description: This lamp merges the timeless appeal of golden hues with the modern shine of chrome and the pristine clarity of crystal. Its compact design is versatile and space-efficient, making it an excellent choice for a desk or side table. The white conical shade diffuses light gently, ensuring it provides ample illumination without being harsh.