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Luminous Black Chrome Fangs Pendant

  1. Lamp Model: Pendant
  2. Finish: Chrome and Crystal
  3. Type of Lighting: G4 Halogen or LED
  4. Number of Bulbs: Not specified in the table, but given the design, it likely features multiple G4 bulbs
  5. Size: Diameter of 54 cm with a drop of approximately 1.1 meters
  6. Product Description: The "Luminous Black Chrome Fangs" pendant lamp merges boldness and sophistication with its design of sharp fangs in black and transparent glass that ascend from a lustrous chrome base. Its semi-circular structure commands attention and transforms any space into a modern design focal point. Each fang, illuminated by the refined light from G4 bulbs, casts a radiant glow that promises to not just brighten but also captivate.