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Elegant Black Dual-Light LED Sphere Pendant

  1. Lamp Model: Pendant
  2. Finish: Colored Metal
  3. Type of Lighting: LED with E27 Bulb
  4. Number of Bulbs: 36 external LEDs and one interior E27 LED bulb
  5. Size: Semicircular structure with a diameter of 37 cm and a drop height of 50 cm
  6. Product Description: Introducing the "Elegant Black LED Night Sphere Pendant," an innovative lighting solution that brings versatility to your space. This pendant lamp stands out with its 36 externally mounted LEDs and a traditional E27 bulb housed inside. Each lighting element can be controlled independently, allowing the choice between ambient LED glow, central illumination, or a combination of both. Equipped with a pulse switch for seamless operation, this lamp offers a unique aesthetic for various settings, from a child's bedroom to being a striking feature in a living space.