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Chrome Oval Cascade Pendant Light – Large-Scale Modern Elegance Chandelier

    1. Lamp Model: Pendant
    2. Finish: Chrome with Optimal Crystal
    3. Type of Lighting: G4 Halogen GU10 or LED Bulb
    4. Number of Bulbs: 10 G4 Halogen GU10 or LED bulbs 
    5. Size: Base diameter 1.6ft / Height 9.8ft
    6. Product Description: We unveil the splendor of contemporary design with model 66 KD8099 10B, a large-scale sculptural pendant lamp that offers a fusion of functionality and decorative art. This piece, with its reflective chrome finish and optimal crystals, suspends ten dazzling lights that can be halogen or LED, providing adaptable lighting with warm or cold illumination. With a base of 1.6 feet in diameter and an impressive height of 9.8 feet, this luminaire not only lights up your space but also serves as a central visual attraction that promises to capture attention and enrich any environment with its majestic presence.
    7. Code:  66 KD8099 10B